Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Discovery and Review: Patrik Ervell, and his Mens 2016 S/S WearCollection New York

As I was looking for new inspirations to write a new blog post, let me tell you- not only I found an inspiration but I also found a new favorite male designer of mine: Patrik Ervell. Looking at his collection gotten me so excited and happy to know the type of aesthetic I've been interested in lately was easily discovered (thank you internet). I quickly went to go on the talented designer's official website while listening to DEEP INSIDE by bbrainz-- I wasn't prepared to learn that the song was matching the vibe of the designer's homepage. With great fairness, I stood there amazed for a couple of seconds, it was tranquility but then I told myself to snap out of it since I didn't even look at the clothing yet. Nevertheless, while thanking the internet of finding him, I realized yes! The internet, technology, computers, futuristic, the cyber world; The mood,  my mind somehow gathered, from his 2016 S/S collection, was like cyber space? Something you would wear in 2040, on casual Fridays at the office (No? Just me? OK). 
The color scheme of his well made clothing is a lot of neutral colors: blues, beiges, tans, whites, grays, blacks; colors the average conformed new yorker will call boring and state majority of fashion pieces on runways are ridiculous- However, these colors compliment the styles of his clothing. I can predict many affluent men in their late 20s, early 30s are seen on the streets of Soho wearing his clothing.

His newest collection for Mens Summer/Spring Wear 2016, is a mixture of bombers, elongated tops and jackets, and unforgettable baggy and wide pants. I am wondering to myself how can I get myself a pair of these clothing! (Okay you're right I am a girl but I totally think some of these clothes can be unisex!). That unknown multicolored necklace that somehow matches every outfit did confirm the mood I was perceiving. Don't forget about the shoes, the staple throughout the collection is strapped sandals with some black socks. Watch out Adidas slide're not only pair of sandals that are liked to paired with some socks but either way, socks with sandals is making a comeback!

Here's a few outfits I absolutely liked.

I do not own these pictures, all rights goes to

Overall, I'm happy to say I definitely have some serious inspo after glaring at these outfits. I'm actually thinking of investing in some nice neutral colored baseball caps too.
photo from Patrik Ervell's website

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